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When there is a high-grade roof over your head, you can rest assured that your belongings are safeguarded, your house is correctly insulated, and your household or staff members are secure. For more than 29 years, our crew of contractors has been offering Seward roof repair and other professional services. Our team use the most up-to-date systems and work with only the very best contractors to service your roof.

Roofing Services

From brand-new installs, to maintenance and repairs, we have you covered. We offer a comprehensive range of roofing services for Seward home and commercial customers.

New Roof Installation

Occasionally your Seward home will need major roof repair work or replacement or repairs during times that may not be timely for you economically, catching you off guard entirely. Or you might have the funds to pay for your repairs in a money market account but are unable to get access to it without covering high penalties and/or fees which makes financing a more ideal alternative.

New construction roofing contractor Seward NE

With Wayne’s Seward roofing financing program, you won’t need to hesitate to finish your roofing project.

Shingle Roof

Shingle roofs are one of the most common form of roof in Nebraska. When constructed and installed by experts, shingle roofs can be attractive and sturdy.

Shingle roof repair in Seward NE

Roofs made with shingles are quite a bit like tiles, which are spread over your roof in an overlapping manner. Even though many individuals are tempted to lay out the shingles on their roof themselves, it’s a job best entrusted to the specialists. The beauty of shingle roofs occasionally comes across as uncomplicated, which might spur a DO-IT-YOURSELF interest in some passionate property owners. However, the task is more complex, including several factors, such as choosing shingle roofing tiles, properly installed barrier, choosing optimum tile size and how they should be installed.

Tile Roof

When it comes to the roof on your house, you have a lot of choices.

Seward NE tile roof contractor

Tile roofing is a common choice due to its toughness, energy efficiency, and longevity. Plus, it comes in a number of styles and colors, enabling you to give your house individuality and style.

Whether or not you currently have a tile roof and need repairs, or you’re looking to have a new tile roof put in, Wayne Roofing is here for you.

You can select from several kinds of tiles for your roof. These include:

  • Clay
  • Concrete
  • Metal
  • Spanish Style
  • Composite Tiles

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Roof Repair

The roof of your dwelling does a lot more than only supply you and your relatives from the weather. Your roof also serves as the insulator of your house. If your roof requires replacement or repair (or if your roof is installed by an unskilled roofing professional), it could cost you hundreds, if not 1000s, of USD in electricity costs over the course of the year.

Seward NE roof repair company

A worn-down or fractured roof might also mean that your roof is leaking. If water penetrates through your roof, it could lead to the development of bacteria and mold.

Storm Damage

Wind, Hail

Has your roof been ruined by wind or hail? Hail and wind damage can inspire the out of town “storm chasers” flooding your city and we are aware of this. Please take note of fly by night of out-of-town roofers, as many do not give guarantees or back up their labor as they leave town as soon as the market slows down.

Wind damaged roof repair Seward NEseward hail damage roof repair company

Insurance provider

We work directly with your insurer to get your roof fixed as swiftly as possible.

Claim Process
  • We inspect your roof for damage
  • If damage is identified then speak with your insurance company and make an insurance claim
  • We will look over your roof along with the insurance adjuster
  • Your roof repair will be scheduled
  • You pay your insurance deductible and the insurance takes care of the balance

Seward Commercial Roofing

From churches and apartment or condos to offices and storefronts, our team of industrial roofing specialists repairs, installs, and restores roofs to their optimal state. Our company offer a no charge roof checkup for businesses, so the best way to learn more about Wayne Roofing and discover the state of your business is to give us a call.

Seward NE commercial roofing contractor


As any experienced business owner can tell you, flat roofs have unique needs. Not like steep-sloped roofs that harness the effectiveness of gravity to shed water, flat roofs use drains and a waterproof membrane to discharge rain and safeguard your property. The phrase ‘flat’ can be somewhat misleading here, since a completely flat might result in an unwanted swimming pool over your head. A better term to use would be a “low slope” roof, that must have at least a 1/4 inch of slope per foot in order for the rainwater to effectively move downhill to awaiting drains.

Office Building

Compared to steep-sloped roofs, which rely on gravity to shed water, flat roofs have special demands in order to work properly, using drains and a sealed film to guard the property. Actually, the term ‘flat’ is misleading as no roof should be completely flat or you ‘d find yourself working under a pool of water.

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Other Services

Wayne Roofing offers a full line of services to help keep your Nebraska home or building in great condition including gutters and siding.


Rain gutters give you the flexibility to select where you want the water to run or collect and correct any issues you may have. Some examples are:

  • During a storm, the rain runs off the garage or front entrance causing you to get drenched when you leave your house.
  • You may have an area on your property where water floods and causes a situation and potential damage. For example, during a heavy rain, water flows towards the patio door due to the fact that the yard is sloped towards the residence for some reason.
  • Maybe you just don’t want the roof water to run into your pool or other parts of the lawn.
  • Maybe you have a part of your lawn that doesn’t get much light so, when it rains, you have a muddy area for weeks. That might not appear like a big concern unless your dog is always tracking in mud as a result of it or it is the main walking pathway into your backyard.
  • You may prefer to accumulate the water into rain barrels afterwards use that rain to water your flowers, garden or lawn.


If you are looking for siding installation providers in Seward or anywhere else in Nebraska we can assist! We provide steel siding, vinyl siding and aluminum siding installation services for residential properties. Receive a totally free siding quote by contacting us today.

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